Insta-Love – Equestrians on Instagram

When you think social media you could be forgiven for not being overwhelmed by a surge of warm fuzzy feelings, but that is exactly what I get when I think of community I have found via Instagram.

While I am lucky to have many meaningful friendships in my life, there is something special about the way you connect with another person who fundamentally gets your passion, someone whose life revolves around the mighty horse. Where I live in North Queensland there are very few other dressage enthusiasts, in the past this has left me feeling a little isolated and not fully understood.

As patient and supportive as my partner is he doesn’t quite get the ecstasy that comes with riding that perfect flying change on your own or how a bad ride can totally ruin your day. 

But when I joined Instagram a little under two years ago I found a group of people who got it. They are people who celebrate  each other’s successes, comisterate over injuries, tell it like it is and most importantly remind me of the type of rider and horse person I want to be. 

Instagram has allowed me to connect with people all over the world, some of whom now feel like real life friends.


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  1. I totally agree. I find more interesting equestrian bloggers on Instagram then anywhere else. I like the engagement there and it has encouraged me to focus on my photography a bit more.

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