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Super Staples – Samshield Helmet Review

As one of my favourite instagramers @joful_dressage once asked, “Is it wrong to love an inanimate object”? Well I am not sure that she ever had that question answered, but I do know that I am in love with my new Samshield.


As anyone who knows me will attest, this is nothing short of a miracle. My life as an equestrian has been made somewhat less comfortable by my oddly shaped head coupled with my inability to find a helmet which works with this. I guess this is somewhat ironic as I am a huge advocate for wearing helmets, each and every time, all riders swing their leg over a horse.

The year before last, thinking I was onto a winner I handed over an ungodly amount of money only to find out a few months later that the helmet would no longer be ‘competition legal’ after December 2016 due to the updated safety standards in Europe. Early in 2017, I proceed to buy a second helmet of the same brand after being assured that the design had not changed. But alas it had changed rather significantly and no longer fit my head. So the search for my ‘Cinderella helmet’ began once again. It was on my recent trip down south that I found my perfect match – helmet wise that is!

Here’s what makes the Samshield is such a great helmet.

  1. Light weight. One of the first things that you will notice when you pick this helmet up is just how light it is. You could be forgiven for forgetting it is on your head.
  2. Ventilation. The first couple of rides I had in my Samshield were really windy days, the sensation of air swirling around was somewhat bizarre. However after a few weeks riding in this helmet, including a few mid afternoon rides, and removing my helmet without my hair being plastered to my head with sweat was rather refreshing. I know that moving into summer in a much cooler helmet will make riding a lot more pleasant. But don’t worry if you live in a colder climate, there is a warm liner option too!
  3. Elegance. In matters of style I’ll take elegance and simplicity over flash any day of the week, as such it is no surprise that The Samshield is right down my alley. All of the Samshield helmets have beautiful lines, from the line over the top of the helmet, to the harness of the helmet.
  4. Velcro chin strap. This is a feature that I initially thought looked a bit odd, but having ridden in this helmet for a few weeks, I realise that this feature is nothing short of genius. If I had a dollar for every time I had to tighten the chin strap on any other helmet, I’d be rich! Hmm not quite… Nonetheless, I love the fact that the strap holding the helmet on my head does not budge!
  5. Countless options for customisation. While I went with the Navy Shadowmatt sans Swarovski crystals, a quick browse of the My Samshield page highlights just how many options there are to customise these already beautiful helmets.


It’s safe to say the next helmet I buy will be a Samshield.




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15 Signs that you are a true equestrian girl

Equestrian girls, we are a unique breed and  pretty easy to spot. 

1. Your social life is restricted to hanging out with friends at shows and clinics and dates with your boyfriend/partner (if they are lucky).


2. You have an agreement with your partner that if they are to make a proposal of marriage they will offer you an engagement horse rather than a ring.

3. When most girls were dreaming about their wedding day you were dreaming about your Grand Prix debut.

4. Your dream car is a Dodge Ram 1500.

5. Couture to you means Kask and Asmar Equestrian.

6. High flow diesel is one of your favourite things in life.

7. You know that life would be simpler if breeches were considered ‘professional dress’.

8. You wouldn’t dare deviate from your strict 5week shoeing schedule for your equine partner but your shoes are at least two years old (and maybe they’re even falling apart).

9. Your horse owns your money.

10. You didn’t think twice about paying $800 for your bespoke made to measure Celeris boots (you know they are an investment), but $100 for jeans seems pretty ridiculous.

11. You are seriously considering a petition to your local TV station to have the football coverage replaced with coverage of the Longines World Cup.

12. Your partner knows to add at least two hours on to whatever time you told them you’d be back from the barn.

13. Your significant life events (graduation, birthdays, marriage etc) have to fit in around your competition schedule. Not the other way around.

14. When someone mentions protection your first thought is about bandages, brush boots and shipping boots.

15. The closest your nails get to a mani/pedi is being chopped off nice and short to keep the dirt out from underneath them. Besides long nails are errr impractical…

16. Your wardrobe is 3/4s breeches and shirts from your favourite brand.

Until next time xo AP.

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Summer Staples

After a short break over Christmas, I went through by equestrian wardrobe and realised something truly tragic. I had nothing to wear! Well practically nothing. All of a sudden, breeches that I had owned for a few years were ready for the bin, and I was left with very few pairs to wear. It also became apparent that I had no comfortable short sleeved shirts. Naturally I have been stocking up on some staples, and over the next few weeks, and I want to share some of my favourites with you.

Lets talk breeches…


One of my favourite pairs, my pink and grey suede breeches, are from Wilson Equestrian ( Not only are they are super comfy and but they are on the cheaper end of the spectrum at just $64.95. These breeches are super hard wearing making them perfect for everyday use, and the grey is perfect for hiding stains and marks (great if like me you aren’t the tidiest of people).

The other thing I love is the abundance of pockets on these breeches, the generous back pockets easily fit even a larger phone (like an iPhone 7), while the front pockets are perfect for stashing treats like sugar cubes.


Stay tuned as I share more of my favourite items with you all.